I like this dance cover! (already posted this on my twitter, but I realised I forgot which recent kpop songs I like, hence this.)

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Listening to the soundtrack of In The Heights means having a bedroom rap party but after a few songs, feeling all the sad feels.

Listening while cleaning the bathroom means I can see exactly how ugly my ugly cry face is.


BEHOLD my cover of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty.”

Featuring Kristin and Dannielle from Everyone Is Gay!

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So we’re now down to ONE MONTH until The Fault in Our Stars hits theaters.

And I know that lots of people are probably planning cosplays for the premiere.

That is awesome! Rock your Rick Smits jerseys and your Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe shirts and your leather jackets and your Chuck Taylors.

But please be aware: disability is not a costume.

For many people disability is not something they put on for fun and can take off whenever they want, it’s a part of who they are.

You do not need the cannula or the prosthetic or the cane to cosplay these characters.

To wear or carry these items is to appropriate a piece of adaptive equipment that some people have to use in order to blend in or to stay alive and safe in this normal-centric and ableist world. 

And if you’re “dressed up” like that, it is not only offensive, it may distract theater staff from helping patrons who actually need accessible seating and other accommodations. 

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when I grow up I want to be hailey from Hard Candy and cut mean guys’ dicks off. ^__^

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Here is how the internship scam works. It’s not about a “skills” gap. It’s about a morality gap.

1) Make higher education worthless by redefining “skill” as a specific corporate contribution. Tell young people they have no skills.

2) With “skill” irrelevant, require experience. Make internship sole path to experience. Make internships unpaid, locking out all but rich.

3) End on the job training for entry level jobs. Educated told skills are irrelevant. Uneducated told they have no way to obtain skills.

4) As wealthy progress on professional career path, middle and lower class youth take service jobs to pay off massive educational debt.

5) Make these part-time jobs not “count” on resume. Hire on prestige, not skill or education. Punish those who need to work to survive.

6) Punish young people who never found any kind of work the hardest. Make them untouchables — unhireable.

7) Tell wealthy people they are “privileged” to be working 40 hrs/week for free. Don’t tell them what kind of “privileged” it is.

8) Make status quo commentary written by unpaid interns or people hiring unpaid interns. They will tell you it’s your fault.

9) Young people, it is not your fault. Speak out. Fight back. Bankrupt the prestige economy.

The Pajama Game really sneakily criticises Fordism this is so cool *__* 
If you’re not paying attention, you’d miss it. Or if you were just interested in the drama & romance, it’s easy to overlook the economic criticism. And it’s slightly feminist too?? :D For its time, anyway. the way it highlights, not romanticises, adultery.

I need this so much right now. Thanks, cimorelli <3

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Pronoun button mock-ups for Leaky Con :)

What do you think? Would you like to see different colors? More pronoun options?

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Watched the Pajama Game last night. It was about factory resistance in postwar small-town america.